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Quality tested and certified by Microsoft.

We’re not just software geeks, but business professionals with a whole lot of oilfield service experience.

We built ofsERP right into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most used ERP business management software in the world. With over 1.4 million users embracing its rich functionality, and over 120,000 companies relying every day upon its stability, why start from scratch?

Our dedication and daily focus is improving oilfield service profitability and making your daily work a whole lot easier.

Calculate the impact for your business.


Since 1991 we’ve focused 100% of our efforts on helping small to medium-sized businesses select and implement ERP Systems. We quickly uncovered a lack of functionality required by the Oil & Gas Industry & addressed those needs.

Since those early days we’ve solved 1,000’s of real world business problems and delivered rock solid solutions that enhance the day to day operations for our users.


We know what is like to be in your shoes and we are driven to make work life easier for the entire oilfield services industry.

Every senior member on our team has had success in industry prior to starting their career with us. Our people have worked either in management positions or in executive positions within operations, accounting, or information technology.

This totals tens of thousands of hours of experience just within the oilfied alone, and has resulted in our strong understanding of business processes as well as our ability to quickly grasp our client issues, conceptualize the best possible solution, and accomplish every business need our clients have requested to date.

As one district office manager exclaimed:
"It can do all that? It's just like me!
This is a dream come true!"


We believe that the software used to manage the business of oilfield service should meet the same expectations of quality and reliability that you have for your critical field equipment. So we started with the rock-solid foundation of the #1 most used business software in the world, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and added significant functionality specifically for the oilfield service and supply industry. The result, ofsERP, has proven to drive substantial financial and business  improvements… enough for some to claim it’s a “real competitive advantage”.

Naturally, the most substantial business improvements are achieved by implementing all the relevant modules for your business, together, as an “All-in-One” solution working seamlessly together. However, in its simplist form, or as an initial phase I approach, you can implement just the modules most important to you and we can map the necessary ofsERP data to your existing accounting system (for example, sending the invoices created from ofsERP rental or field tickets to QuickBooks or SAP).

Together, the “All-in-One” ofsERP software can dramatically simplify the world for both staff in the corporate backoffice, district offices, field supervisors, and more. Management gains valuable visibility to operational and financial performance of all locations. And all levels receive substantially less internal calls because everything is on-line and accessible to those who are given the relevant permissions.

Why we chose to partner with Microsoft.

Simple, we put ourselves in your shoes. Over the years we’ve realized that companies want the security, reliability and responsibility associated with buying from a large, reputable company, and that’s what Microsoft brings to our partnership. Microsoft dynamics NAV has over 1.4 million users and that’s largest number of users of any Microsoft ERP product.

With Microsoft handling the financials, all that remained was utilizing our oil field service industry expertise to develop the much-needed functionality that solves the day to day business challenges that are unique for our oil field service clients.

We’ve come a long way since our first client back in 1991. In fact, we continuously enhance our product with (on average) one major new release every year.

Quality tested and certified by Microsoft. Why risk working with anyone else?

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