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Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance Management

Ensure timely repair, maintenance, and certifications.
Minimize downtime and lost revenue.
Optimize purchasing and lower cost of parts and supplies.

We designed our Preventative Maintenance, Repair, & Inspection module from the ground up for the oil field service business. By writing the module right inside the accounting software system you get all the controls and auditability required by your accounting dept., combined with all the everyday usability features wished for by your operations people. No batches, bolt-on applications, or other kludgy interfaces to deal with, just auditable, decision-quality information in real time.

Key oil field service benefits:

  • Minimize dangerous and costly equipment failure.
  • Reduce unexpected costs to repair and service.
  • Reduce truck and equipment downtime.
  • Facilitate replenishment of parts inventory.
  • Improve compliance with due dates for inspections and certifications.
  • User-configurable dashboards spotlight your important KPIs.

” Oil field service work is hard, challenging, and unforgiving.
The software that runs your business should make it all look easy. ”

ofsERP Repair & Maintenance at a glance:

  • Complete scheduling of required maintenance.
  • Know the cost of equipment maintenance with the touch of a button.
  • Maintains history of preventative maintenance, repair, and inspections by truck or equipment.
  • Service intervals may be defined in terms of engine hours, mileage, time-period, or other intervals.
  • Parts and quantities normally used for the service code may be uniquely defined for specific truck or equipment types, makes, models, and years.
  • Checklists may be defined for each service.
  • Records the technician(s) who performed the service.
  • Tracks services performed by outside service facilities.
  • Supports centralized procurement of parts in bulk at reduced prices; and transfers to other yards periodically or as needed.
  • Projects future preventative maintenance dates to facilitate planning for part purchases and transfers.
  • Provides more accurate, real-time parts availability across all yards.
  • Provides rapid entry to record parts used and the type of repair, maintenance, or inspection.
  • Optional large screen designed for shop users.
  • Equipment and parts numbers may be scanned from bar codes.
  • Optionally displays only the relevant parts for the truck or equipment makes and models.
  • Substantially improves inventory accuracy, reduces picks of the wrong part, and speeds repair.
  • Repair both company-owned and customer-owned equipment and vehicles.
  • Charge time, materials, and other expenses to the costs of equipment.

The ofsERP difference:
The closer you look at our Preventative Maintenance, Repair, & Inspection module, the easier it is to validate our vast oil field service industry knowledge. We realize that maintenance & repair is not exactly on the top of most executive’s favorite things to do list, BUT it is a requirement.

So, we’ve automated as many of the repair & maintenance tasks / processes as possible. You can’t forget to do a task if it happens automatically. For example: When a vehicle (equipment) comes back from the field, we will automatically trigger the appropriate service order (as needed) to keep your maintenance schedule on target without any input from users. And because customers sometimes break or abuse rental equipment, we allow you to charge a customer for the repair of your vehicle (equipment) as needed.

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