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Inventory Management

” Inventory Management has all the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with enhancements for the oilfield.”

Oilfield service inventory needs are unique:

The oil field service industry has some unique inventory management needs when compared to other industries. These needs are typically not limited to just buying and selling items, but also to distinguish between consumable items and rentable items such as tools and equipment. Inventory items often are used to assemble or fabricate a finished good for rent as equipment, and are used to repair equipment and to charge that repair to a customer or to maintenance costs. And by the way, if we charge the customer we better charge them their agreed upon pricing level, as getting that wrong can lead to losing the relationship.

Inventory in the oilfield may also involve tracking specific serialized items and items from different lots. Inventory may be stocked as solid, or liquids, or gas – each with different units of measure.

Pipe and other tubular goods are often tracked using two completely different units of measure in which case the same item may be tracked in both joints and linear feet.  All different grades, characteristics, threads, sizes, quality control attributes, and inspection documents are often required. Trying to complete all these tasks while accurately maintaining inventory item counts across multiple locations, along with maintaining up-to-the-minute accuracy on the quantities of: available to promise, on order, and expected due date of inbound purchases of items with different lead times is pretty much impossible if you’re trying to do this in multiple systems. The ONLY reliable and efficient way to accomplish all these tasks is by doing it one in one, real-time system.

This is why so many off-the-shelf ERP / Inventory management software products fail miserably when they attempt to fulfill the requirements of an oil field service company: they were not designed with the oilfield service industry in mind.

We understand it’s important to process orders quickly and accurately so Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inventory Management includes options for functionality to optimize your warehouse efficiency. The directed pick / put-away (advanced warehouse management) system allows fast handling and shipping of goods, directing you right to the item location and bin that is to be shipped or stocked. To take speed and accuracy to the next level, the option to include handheld devices may be used for picking, put-away, physical inventory, internal warehouse movements, and more. Your warehouse personnel will save time and your warehouse accuracy is improved because they’re controlled and directed by a single ERP system designed specifically for oil field service companies.

Optional Modules Include:

  • Tubular Goods
  • EDI
  • Shipping Integration: UPS, FedEx, LTL, USPS, etc.
  • Automated Sales Forecasting & Procurement
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