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Equipment Rental Management

Equipment Rental Management

Streamline rental of equipment, tools,
tanks, trucks, and facilities.
Maximize utilization.
Service customers and invoice faster.

Tired of rental software with weak accounting features and a lack of controls?
Frustrated with accounting software with weak or limited rental functionality?
Are you ready for the best of both worlds?
Take a closer look at ofsERP Rental Software.


  • Enjoy software that looks & feels just like Microsoft Office.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface.
  • Start a rental order with a single click.
  • Quickly lookup the whereabouts of any piece of equipment, its expected return date, and see the complete history of where it’s been.
  • Find equipment based on type, size, or any other attribute.
  • Easily add new tools and equipment, and optionally let accounting deal with the asset depreciation piece.

Forgiving…easy to correct and keep accurate:
Old technology software forced you to specify the specific equipment or asset ID on a rental order when it is being reserved. While that is an option, the problem with this is that many times you later discover that a different unit was actually taken and now the steps to make the correction are ridiculously complex and incredibly time consuming. Imagine how much easier your life will be if you can wait until you know the specific unit being rented before adding it to the order BUT you’re still be able to reserve and commit equipment as needed.

And BTW, even after deploying or placing assets “on rent”, convenient / easy-to-use “un-deploy” and “un-return” features make it easy to correct mistakes, so accurate whereabouts and usage is always maintained.

Unparalleled flexibility:

  • Rent, deploy and/or sell consumable inventory, other equipment, tools and services.
  • Keep track of personnel, rental equipment, and inventory consumables deployed and the services performed.
  • See Equipment Availability, Profitability, & Utilization.
  • Schedule Personnel, Equipment, & Tools.
  • Bundle equipment in packages with other equipment, tools, consumables, and labor.
  • Deploy all equipment on the same day or schedule deployment across multiple days.
  • Automate processes with user-definable workflows and alerts.
  • Replace whiteboards, chalkboards, and spreadsheets with automatically updating dashboards showing jobs, resource availability, and key performance measures on large monitors, laptops, and tablets.
  • Real equipment / inventory tracking with cradle-to-grave history:
  • View full location history on all rental assets in the field.
  • Sort by date range, customer, and more.
  • Track tools, equipment and inventory by location, truck, job site, and customer.
  • Record equipment movement from site-to-site without duplicating work orders.
  • Log serialized and non-serialized equipment and tools.
  • Track consumable inventory, supplies, parts, and chemicals.
  • Maintain a list of your customer’s specific pricing, site locations, and the best routes and driving directions to get there.

The ofsERP difference:
We designed & built our Equipment Rental Management system starting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and added substantial functionaliy specifically for Oil Field Service providers. With the leading accounting and ERP software in the world, we didn’t have to try to re-create accounting and inventory functionaliy. You have robust accounting functionality and financials you can depend on and potential investors like this too.

We didn’t have to try to disguise some existing generic rental software product as an oilfield equipment rental solution. We also didn’t have to deal with issues that impact other industries that only confuse / complicate the process for Oil Field Service companies. No extra, unnecessary fields, buttons or processes to confuse you. Instead, ofsERP gives you exactly what you need and it works like you do.

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