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Achieve peak performance in your oilfield service company with less complexity, effort, and time.

Supports multiple companies and lines of business including:


OfsERP solves many problems experienced in the oilfield services & supply energy sector.  One example is that Oilfield managers must be able to maximize the utilization of valuable resources, both people and equipment, to maximize profitability. Many oilfield service companies must manage equipment rental and scheduling across multiple locations, comply with complex billing and reporting requirements dictated by large operators, and find faster ways of delivering their services and supplies with higher accuracy.  OfsERP gives you real-time visibility of any aspect of the business which allows for easier management of these complex processes.

Key benefits:

  • More visibility and control to make informed and timely decisions with KPI’s and trends on your dashboard
  • Invoice customers significantly faster
  • Reduce labor costs, errors, and delays , eliminate the need to re-key hand-written field tickets
  • Automatically create and distribute invoice packages with signatures, pictures, delivery tickets, field tickets, as needed
  • Reduce equipment downtime, repair expense, and lost revenue with preventative maintenance scheduling.
  • Minimize or eliminate equipment loss with cradle-to-grave recording of deployments, returns, swaps, shop repair, etc.
  • Bill for non-returned or damaged equipment
  • Assure inspection is performed, is within proper tolerances, and ready for deployment
  • Know equipment resource availability into the future, see utilization, profitability, KPI’s, and analytics in real-time
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of profitability and resource utilization across all aspects of the business

The CFO of one of our clients said ofsERP is a “real game-changer” for their company.  At a large conglomerate, where we implemented ofsERP at multiple companies they own and across different lines of business, we were informed that their entire executive team considers ofsERP a “competitive advantage” .

ofsERP…the fastest route from field tickets to cash™

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