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Oilfield Service Management

Basic screenshots can be seen in the gallery after the list below.

Partial features list:

  • Utilize ofsERP™ Service Orders functionality to schedule services to be performed in the field.
  • Service orders may scheduled to last for a day, for months, or longer.
  • Optionally pre-assign equipment, consumables, and personnel needed to perform the service.
  • Stop leaking revenue from service fees (mileage, transportation of crews & equipment, subsistence, enviro fees, etc. ) accidentally forgotten to be added at time of invoice.
  • Assign specific equipment ids to be deployed and the type of personnel to perform the services in advance, or optionally at time of deployment.
  • Utilize Package Pricing to invoice just for the service, supported by multiple equipment and tools which are deployed but not invoiced,  required, or to invoice for specified equipment type
  • Easily create Field Tickets from the Service Order, or initiate Field Tickets in the field
  • Utilize online and offline mobile apps to record information from the Field Tickets, images, and signatures.
  • Know the profitability of each service job, if desired, including labor costs.
  • Bundle equipment in packages with other equipment, tools, consumables, and labor.
  • Deploy all resources on the same day or schedule deployment across multiple days.
  • Assure accuracy and experience ease-of-use with convenient “un-do” features.
  • Reserve only the type equipment and personnel (if desired) and select the specific id at time of deployment.
  • Use automatically updating dashboards or job boards vs. whiteboards and spreadsheets with
  • Maintain complete history of all equipment, consumables, and personnel used to perform service.
  • Automate customer specific pricing.
  • Swap out equipment, crews, personnel, consumables.
  • Interim bill throughout the job, or upon completion.
  • Create different invoice formats for different job types or customers.
  • Upload invoicing information to customer portals, open invoice, etc.
  • … and much more.

The following screenshots show the Basic or simple pages which have less fields and functionality than the full menu suite.

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