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Repair & Maintenance Management

Ensure timely preventative maintenance.
Minimize downtime and lost revenue.
Optimize purchasing.

Key  benefits:

  • Minimize dangerous and costly equipment failure.
  • Reduce unexpected costs to repair and service.
  • Reduce truck and equipment downtime.
  • Facilitate replenishment of parts inventory.
  • Improve compliance with due dates for inspections and certifications.
  • User-configurable dashboards spotlight your important KPIs.

” Oil field service work is hard, challenging, and unforgiving. The software that runs it shouldn’t be.”

ofsERP® Repair & Maintenance at a glance:

  • Maintain history of preventative maintenance, repair, and inspections by the equipment.
  • Define service intervals or inspections by engine hours, mileage, time-period, or other intervals.
  • List parts and quantities required for each type of service by asset ID, equipment type, make, model, year, etc.
  • Define and assign checklists.
  • Automatically trigger inspection steps or repair/rebuild orders when equipment is returned from the field.
  • Know the labor, material, and 3rd party cost for each asset.
  • Keep a history of the technician(s) who performed the service.
  • Project future preventative maintenance dates to facilitate planning.
  • Provide more accurate, real-time parts availability across all yards.
  • Utilize barcoding.
  • Improve inventory accuracy, reduce picks of the wrong part, and speed repair.
  • Repair both company-owned and customer-owned equipment and vehicles.
  • Charge time, materials, and other expenses to the costs of equipment.
  • Customizable to suit your requirements.
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