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Oil and Gas job costing software, project manager, accountant, track of the cost of each job, data, operations

Job Costing Modules

(1) Essentials
(2) Professional

Why having 2 job cost solutions is ideal for oilfield service:

(1) Why ofsERP® Job Cost Essentials?

This is the Oilfield Service. We know you are busy, so we’re not going to put you through the steps of setting up a complex job just so you can track revenue, cost, and profitability for small jobs. OfsERP® Job Cost Essentials will do that automatically when you add inventory, people, services, and other charges to a work order or a field ticket.  Since you may be doing dozens or hundreds of short jobs every week (like water hauling, roustabout work, acidizing, hot oil, etc.) you’ll find this is a huge time-saver. You’ll probably even be using ofsERP Job Cost Essentials for longer-term jobs like equipment rentals, fracking, assembly, fabrication, and less extensive construction jobs.

(2) Why Job Cost Professional?

For jobs of longer duration with the need to calculate work in progress (WIP), or the need to choose among various revenue recognition principles or invoicing options such as % complete, cost plus, and more, then Job Cost Professional is the best fit. This provides all the features of Microsoft Dynamics Job Costing, the #1 selling business management and ERP software in the world.

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