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Mobile Apps and Field Tickets

The deployment of the mobile app(s) connected with a comprehensive back-office system is the most impactful business tool we have seen in this industry. To quote one of our clients: “It’s a game-changer!”

Partial Features List:

  • Enable users to record any information when in the field or away from the office.
  • Work online connected to information in the back office in real-time.
  • Work offline and store data on the mobile device and synchronize later when within range.
  • Eliminate all the paper process-based problems (see below).
  • Increase real-time visibility to operations – improving decision making.
  • Invoice customers faster, with fewer errors – improving cash flow.
  • Capture multiple electronic signatures, and pictures/images.
  • Calculate intervals of time, measurements, etc. more quickly and accurately.
  • Choose or mix different device types: tablet, phone, laptop, or computer.
  • Choose or mix different O.S. types: Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Online mobile apps easily access or update almost any information in ofsERP®
  • Customizable.

The cost of not having a strong integration between your mobile app and back-office:

  • Disconnected systems inhibit accurate and timely decision making.
  • Delay in the speed of the business puts companies at a competitive disadvantage.
  • If data collected in the field is used for invoicing, cash flow will be deferred.
  • If data collected is equipment usage, delays affect preventative maintenance and safety may be compromised
  • Data validation, data loss or corruption, may just be the beginning of integration challenges.

Common issues with using paper to capture information from the field:

  • Deciphering handwritten information is labor-intensive and error-prone.
  • Choosing the correct codes to identify equipment or services used often involves some guesswork.
  • Handling exceptions and correcting errors consume even more man-hours and valuable resources.
  • Paper tickets tend to get damaged and torn as they travel their route.
  • Paper tickets are prone to missing information and inaccurate calculations.
  • Paper tickets are expensive to route from person to person, and some are lost.

With many oilfield service providers, the secret to a healthy cash flow is in how fast you can invoice for work done in the field.

When invoicing is a function of equipment or personnel usage in the field, using a mobile app to capture and quickly transfer this data can significantly increase cash flow, while leaving the customers’ terms unchanged. In fact, simply by invoicing 10 days faster, cash increases $273,972 for every $10 million in annual revenue sold on net terms. We’ve found that, for many companies, that cash flow alone justifies the investment many times over.  Calculate the impact on your cash flow with our Financial Impact Calculators.

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