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Disposal Site Management

Disposal Site Management

Use our online or offline mobile tablet app to quickly capture pictures of run tickets and other information required to invoice. At the home office,  tickets are consolidated and attached to the invoice to rapidly speed the entire invoicing process and speed cash flow.


Our Disposal Site Management module provides substantial efficiency for companies operating disposal sites. You can capture each disposal transaction with mobile devices at each disposal site and immediately send the relevant information to the head office for quickly consolidated billing as appropriate.

Capture the following information for each disposal ticket:

  • The type of fluid delivered and disposed of and barrels/volume.
  • Times of entry and exit.
  • Customer, transporter, and generator
  • Washouts.
  • Other unique information as required.

ofsERP® Disposal Site Management software key features:

  • Ticket information gathered in the field can be invoiced without re-keying.
  • Customer-specific pricing by material, washout, etc.
  • Enable signature capture.
  • Tickets may be printed on-site directly from a hand-held tablet.
  • Scan and upload additional documents and manifests as needed.
  • Operate in real-time with our online mode when connected to the internet.
  • Operate in off-line mode and synchronize to the office when within internet range.
  • Skim Oil/Condensate, TX RRC Form P18, and other regulatory reports can be automated.
  • Use Apple, Android, Windows tablet devices, or PCs at the disposal sites.
  • Full history and analysis capabilities in real-time.
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