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Professional Services

Our team provides business insight, objective analysis, leading practices, and the technologies to help streamline our oilfield service clients’ business, increase their profitability, quality control,  competitiveness, cash flow, lower their cost, and improve their overall ease of doing business.

We implement proven business software to solve many problems experienced in the oilfield services & supply energy sector. The core to our success is a unique combination of significant experience in oilfield business processes with software technology expertise from our seasoned professionals. Clients performing service, rental, supply, transportation, fabrication, water hauling, disposal, and others have realized substantial benefits and referred to the impact of implementing ofsERP (quoted verbatim) as a “real game-changer” and the entire executive team at a large conglomerate told us that ofsERP is a “competitive advantage” – we deployed it at multiple business units.

These experiences across numerous clients, combined with an efficient methodology, proven software solutions, commitment to quality, and a client-centric focus provides the highest assurance that a project put in our hands will be successful.

More information on our service offerings is
available on our main web site: Computer Business Solutions, Inc.

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