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Fast Track vs. Traditional Implementation

We offer two different implementation options.

During a Traditional ofsERP Implementation, your relevant key users take the lead to implement the software (with our help) based upon the design and configuration that was mutually agreed upon in the Design Phase. The benefits of this strategy include a lower cost to you, a better overall understanding of all the capabilities of our product, and a stronger ability to support yourself over time.

For companies who prefer to “go-live” as quickly as possible, a Fast Track ofsERP Implementation may make sense. Under the fast track strategy, our people take the lead and play a stronger role throughout the entire process. We do more of the required work for you and show you as we complete the important tasks, thus it requires a higher budget. You will go-live sooner, but you may need more time with the software after go-live, and/or support before you are at ease with the system.

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