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Dedicated to providing the most effective products and services to maximize the performance of Oilfield Service providers.

We are committed to serve the oilfield service industry:

  • By providing quality products and services in areas which produce the highest positive impact to oilfield service.
  • By making decisions, even when miles away or behind closed doors, as if you are right there beside us.
  • By providing realistic expectations of the results and benefits of our solutions.
  • By our consistently acting in a manner over time that is worthy of your trust.
  • By charging fees that are commensurate with the services delivered and the responsibilities accepted.
  • By respectfully serving each other, our clients, and vendors with integrity, competence, objectivity, and professionalism.
  • By treating appropriately all confidential information, and to take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use.

We strive each day to raise the bar in everything we do.

Working together in partnership:

We are amazed when we hear the challenges that many oilfield workers face on a daily basis; the problems they solve; their never-ending strive to design, build, or optimize their use of equipment and tools; the minuscule tolerances they often work within on the border between safety and a serious accident; and their ongoing quest for efficiencies and improvement. So naturally we feel honored when they choose us as their partner to provide the tools and experience needed to achieve their business objectives.

The history of oilfield service ERP:

Since 1991 we have been passionately focused on utilizing software to make a material positive impact on our clients. Over the years, we have sold and implemented several different ERP software products, but each had its pros and cons, and none had complete customization capabilities. If the software didn’t meet our prospects’ exact needs and could not be customized to do so, we said so and walked away from the sale. Often the software solutions we offered were a good fit, so our clients still experienced an improvement in their business. But we continued to search for a solution that was full-featured yet fully customizable to achieve the greatest impact, able to automate even our clients’ most unique needs. At last, in 1995, we discovered Navision (v1) and quickly learned that its claims of being fully customizable were true. Within a year, we were focused on enhancing that product to meet any unique client requirement.

In 2008 we implemented our first client in the oilfield services sector, creating the necessary enhancements to the Navision based ERP solution. Soon after, we observed that we were receiving a disproportionate number of inquiries from oilfield service providers, and noticed that many of their requirements were similar.  They all needed (for the most part) to schedule and transport equipment and/or people to the field, know their whereabouts and availability, record usage, assure their return, inspect and maintain said equipment, bill customers for some of these activities, upload invoices and tickets through invoicing portals, and more.

Given the lack of software robust and flexible enough to address all of these requirements, the industry was “getting by” using several software packages, including one for accounting, a lot of paper, manual spreadsheets, and heavy back-office labor expenses. Many still are today. We understood their challenges, so we started on a mission to create a highly configurable, affordable, and robust software solution in Navision that could easily serve large segments of the oilfield services market with minimal if any additional customizations. OGFS (Oil & Gas Field Services for Microsoft Dynamics) was born, submitted for Microsoft testing and client satisfaction verification, and received the highest level certification awardable to a Microsoft partner-built solution: Certified for Microsoft Dynamics.

Navision and OGFS grew in popularity, and after literally billions of dollars of Microsoft research and development, Navision became Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  OGFS became ofsERP® and was again awarded Microsoft’s highest honor. Dynamics 365 Business Central or its lineage is used extensively around the world as a robust financial accounting and ERP system in a variety of industries at over 160,000 companies. Paired with ofsERP®, Dynamics 365 BC is extremely effective in handling the oilfield services industry requirements, and at an affordable cost.

We have seen other oilfield companies pay astronomical amounts for a customized solution to provide the functionality that ofsERP® handles right out-of-the-box. Oilfield service clients have engaged us to review, fix, and/or replace these same customizations. You can rightfully say: we customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for the oilfield service industry so you don’t have to.

As an oilfield company executive once told us:
“I wish we had known about you guys years ago; it would have saved us a ton of money!”

A partial listing of the impact ofsERP®:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Speed up the invoicing process
  • Improved security, audit, and change controls
  • Improved responsiveness to customer requests
  • Minimize spreadsheets and eliminate duplicate entry
  • Reduction in office labor costs, particularly back office
  • Decreased inventory investment and increased utilization
  • Move from “islands of data” to information in a single database
  • Meaningful reporting and analytical tools to support decision making
  • Near real-time visibility into daily operational activity and profitability

Contact Us:

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