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Are you running your oilfield business on outdated technology
that cripples your operations?

Looking for a team that specializes in oilfield services?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.
Take a look around and contact us.


We can help.

Equipment Rental Management

Rent equipment, service your customer accounts, and invoice faster with robust accounting and equipment rental software combined into a single, real-time application.

Repair & Maintenance

Maintain the history of preventative maintenance, repair, and inspections by truck or equipment. Provides real time parts availability across all existing yards.

Electronic Field Ticketing

Record any information you’d like when in the field or away from the office. Connect online, in real-time when within range of cellular or Wi-Fi internet service.

Disposal Site Management

Capture disposal transactions with mobile devices at each disposal site and then immediately send the relevant information to the head office for quick billing.


Track tools, equipment and inventory by location, truck, job site, and customer. Record equipment movement from site-to-site without duplicating work orders.


Record any information you’d like when in the field or away from the office. Connect online, in real-time when within range of cellular or Wi-Fi internet service.

Billings & Accounts Receivable

Use robust pricing models to match real scenarios that are unique to the oil field service industry. You can split billings across multiple well sites and AFEs as needed.


From basic purchases to sophisticated approval processes, we can handle it all. Evaluate a vendor’s performance. Track availability from multiple sources & compare.

job costing

Get an accurate and up-to-date overview of budgeted and actual costs of projects with the press of a button. Identify potential problem areas before they spiral of out control.

Just a few oilfield business challenges we solve:


Put your banks and any potential investors at ease with a complete auditable accounting solution that has system-wide controls in place of a mountain of spreadsheets.

Business Intelligence

Analyze revenue and costs by well site, lease, rig, job, job type, driver, truck, equipment type, serial number, personnel, revenue stream, ticket status, and more.


Engage your customers in more personalized, effective ways through customer intelligence. Build trust with customers by offering relevant recommendations.


Invoicing delays kill your cash flow. Did you know that by invoicing just 10 days faster, cash increases $273,972 for every $10m in annual sales? (see our calculators)

Eliminate stacks of tickets waiting to be approved or billed. Automate the approval process, increase accountability, and track where the delays occur. Reduce delays from invoices rejected by the customer. ofsERP accurately handles contract pricing and checks for completion of required billing codes.

Convert each ticket to an invoice or consolidate multiple tickets into a single invoice. Email, print, or upload signed invoices and/or tickets to customer and industry portals, including ADP/Oildex Open Invoice.


Minimize loss and maximize utilization of equipment and tools.  Know what equipment is on each yard, location, truck, well site and what should be coming back. Easily record movements from one ticket/well-site to another.

Know the revenue generated by each piece of equipment, its cost, and its maintenance and deployment history. Invoice customers for damage and equipment not returned.

Gain the visibility of seeing equipment availability at all locations. Reduce unnecessary buys and hot-shot costs.

Assure equipment is inspected before returning to the field. Record equipment usage from the field and schedule preventative maintenance to avoid loss of customer goodwill and revenue from unexpected downtime.


Reduce back office labor costs as much as 50-75%. Eliminate the cost of double and triple entry of orders, field tickets, invoices, and unnecessary spreadsheets.

Use Electronic Field Ticketing on mobile devices to access and update corporate data from the field to speed the billing process and further add to cash flow.

Ease compliance with operator’s requests and capture a larger market share. Bundle service, rental, hauling, or consumables to reduce margin pressure on individual line items, and increase revenue.

Attract capital from investors who prefer companies who use a proven, auditable accounting system. Eliminate the costs of maintaining multiple systems with the all-in-one ofsERP.


Calculate the impact for your business.


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